You’ll Never Hear “Can I Speak to the Manager” The Same Way Again

Posted on: Dec 11, 2019

Categories: Customer Experience, Podcast

Have you ever asked to speak to the manager? Have you ever been behind the counter and had someone ask you if they could speak to the manager? Have you ever been the manager?

We’re talking all about how to use this dreaded phrase differently in episode #36 of The Next 24 Hours. We’re going to imagine if every single person who got their order right came back to speak to the manager and say thank you.

Why? Because customer service affects us all.

In the same way that your interaction with someone in customer service can make or ruin your day, your attitude also affects the thousands of people behind the counter who interact with you over your lifetime. (That’s right, the people taking your order are human beings with stories and things going on in your life that you have no idea about.)

The positive and negative feedback that you give to people in the service industry has more of an effect than you know, not just on people, but on how companies are run. As the customer, you have the power not only to decide which products sell and which products flop, but also what employees excel and are recognized for their efforts.

After my team and I worked with hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants, I learned to see customer service in a totally new way, and I’m excited to share that perspective with you today. 

Listen in to hear:

  • What I do in restaurants and airports that embarrasses my kids
  • Why I’m starting to honor employees of the month (and they don’t even work for me)
  • What makes a great employee great
  • The problem with our fast-service culture
  • A Delta employee whose level of service blew me away
  • The shocking thing I learned about what happens in the McDonald’s drive-through

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