Life at Performance Level


#1 National Best-Seller

It’s showtime. Are you ready to step into the spotlight?

With his conversational, encouraging approach, Curtis Zimmerman shares a message of discovery, empowerment and triumph. Framing your life as a show and you as the star, Curtis takes you through the process of writing your script, rehearsing your part, performing your role and Living the Dream™.

This book will challenge you to reach a new level of engagement and achievement. You’ll learn to pursue Performance Level—the highest, most polished degree of excellence.

Your life is waiting.


“An inspiring and thought-provoking perspective. Delve inside this book and watch your life change.”

-Matthew Kelly, New York Times best-selling author of The Rhythm of Life


“A simple yet profound perspective to not only transform your career and your relationships, but your life. ”

— Tommy Spaulding, New York Times best-selling author of It’s Not Just Who You Know

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Keys To Success In College And Life


Success is at their fingertips—if they make the most of their college experience.

The perfect gift for graduates or college students, Keys to Success in College and Life outlines the 12 character lessons that ensure a successful education and career journey. Each chapter also includes interactive workbook pages to foster better time management and productive goal setting.

Drawing on their own life experiences and their work speaking at thousands of colleges, Curtis and his mentor, Will Keim, wrote this book together. It’s perfect for new student orientations and has been used by thousands of college students on hundreds of campuses nationwide.


“I sure wish someone had shared this book with me when I went to college.”

-Susan Scott, Best-Selling Author of Fierce Conversations

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Pillars Of Success


Step into the life you were made for using these proven principles.

This compilation brings together a diverse group of successful individuals, capturing sage advice from a secretary of state, an NCAA winningest coach, and a mime turned keynote speaker and best-selling author. (Hey, that sounds familiar.) In Pillars of Success, Curtis shares his philosophy of true leadership—real people who fully engage in life.

These individuals’ stories will inspire you, challenge you and prove that there is more than one road to success. What will your success story be?


“The ‘pillars of success’ are candid and their anecdotes will amuse and enlighten you. Their experiences will open up new channels of information that you can use to enrich your life.”

-David E. Wright, President of the International Speakers Network

$19.95 | Buy it Now!

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