The Truth About My Faith

Posted on: Dec 03, 2019

Categories: Motivation, Podcast, Relationships and Family

The Holidays are just around the corner, and we’ve all heard that it’s best to avoid discussing politics and religion with family and friends around the table. 

Steering clear of politics I understand, but avoiding faith—something so pivotal for so many—seems ironic to me considering that holidays are a time when we come together to express gratitude, to reflect, and for many of us, to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah.

So, on episode #35 of The Next 24 Hours, I’m sharing the truth about my faith. 

I don’t believe in people hiding their own story and their own faith  journey, and I believe that it’s important (and totally possible!) to share these personal stories without stirring up contention.

My faith is the reason I believe so deeply in having an “attitude of gratitude,” and it’s part of the reason why I believe I’m “living the dream.” While I never talk about my faith from the stage, I wanted to share my journey today with you on my podcast. 

If you’re not a person of faith or not interested in this topic, feel free to skip this episode.

If you choose to listen, you’ll get to hear:

  • Why I have a problem with self-help
  • How my faith informs my messaging (not from the stage, just in my heart)
  • How I came to faith as a child (in spite of the trauma I experienced)
  • Why I believe that I can be the director of my life and be a person of faith
  • How forgiveness could change your mindset

Wishing you a blessed Holiday season filled with gratitude and the people you love!

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