This nationally-recognized keynote will transform your organization and inspire your people. The message centers around an empowering metaphor: Your life is a show, and you are the star. Inspired by Curtis’ 25 years in the entertainment industry, Living Life at Performance Level® is a performance in itself. Curtis provides an unforgettable learning experience by using interactive juggling, the world’s hardest game of “Simon Says” and fire eating to demonstrate these key concepts:

  • Be The Director – Create a life of relevance and accountability.
  • Write Your Script – Take risks, fail successfully and remove limitations by writing new scripts.
  • Define Your Character – Make character-driven decisions.
  • Cast Your Show Wisely – Choose positive influences and cut out the crazy-makers. Be a supporting character in others’ lives.
  • Be the Star of Your Life – Become a leader, take responsibility, embrace authenticity and create positive change.

The program was designed for all audiences to build cohesive, productive teams and lasting enthusiasm.



The perfect sequel to Life at Performance Level®, Curtis uses The Magic of Leadership® to apply his life-changing principles directly to leaders and teams.

This keynote equips individuals to identify and take ownership of their gifts while challenging them to cultivate new skills. This message is for everyone: regardless of their job title, all participants will learn to tap into their leadership magic.

Curtis uses tricks and skills he learned as a performer to show that “the magic we possess only works when we give it away.” After this program, your people will have the tools to:

  • Determine their leadership genius
  • Help others optimize their performance
  • Create enthusiasm in their people regarding change
  • Recognize and implement successful leadership skills 
  • Complete a specific call to action that will make them a better leader this week

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