Making every meal a Happy Meal

Posted on: Jun 05, 2017

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So I’m not sure how many of you are aware that we at the Curtis Zimmerman Group have been working closely for the past three years with McDonald’s–not only doing live programs, but also providing on-going messaging to develop and engage employees in the actual restaurant.  In fact, in the past six weeks, I have done 5 appearances across the nation speaking to over 3,000 McDonald’s Owner/Operators and General Managers. We are very excited about where McDonald’s is heading with its people and are thrilled to be part of the solution.

My last several weeks of work inspired me to repost this past blog. Enjoy!

This past fall Elle and I traveled to Springfield, Ohio, where we helped to facilitate a full-day training program for inner city youth participants in the Champion City Scholars program. The focus of the day was on handing the students the skills they needed to interview, be offered, and keep a job.

We used interactive activities and role-play to demonstrate the skills the students would need if they wanted to get a job at McDonald’s.

No matter where you work, there are things you’ll need to keep in mind if you want to be successful in your job. Here are a few of them.

1) Be on time. Whether you’re a line worker at McDonald’s or a CEO, others are counting on you to be there, and when you’re not, it negatively affects what they are able to accomplish. If you think you being late has no affect on your organization, then you’d better start asking how much your team really needs you. And FYI, being on time does not mean showing up at 9 for a 9 a.m. shift — instead, arrive 15 minutes early so that you’re ready to start at 9.

2) Have a good attitude. You can’t change the environment or the people you work with. Your customers may be rude to you, but there is nothing you can do about it. You can change your attitude, though. Go to work like it’s your favorite place to be, and soon you’ll be everyone’s favorite person to be around.

3) Wear the uniform. Looking the part is important, especially if you’re in a leadership position. If you want to be taken seriously, then you need to dress appropriate to your job and the events of your day.

4) Have an opinion. If you want to move from pawn to queen, you can’t just mindlessly follow the crowd. True leaders have opinions that they are willing to defend and fight for. If you have no opinion about how your organization or industry can grow, then you don’t deserve the promotion.

5) Love your product. The human referral effect is very strong, so if you love your product and you help others to love it too, you’ll sell more. If you don’t love your product, and you’re the one selling it, why should anyone consider buying it?

6) Be honest. You’re going to make mistakes. You’re also going to have brilliant successes. Be forthright about both, and your career will benefit.

7) Minimum wage doesn’t mean minimum opportunity. No matter where you start in a company, you can find a way to grow if you have the drive, the initiative, and the desire. I started as a mime, and now I’m speaking on stages across the globe. Your boss, your company, and your coworkers aren’t limiting your potential — you are.

How many of these success tips do you follow on a daily basis? Comment and tell me!