You’re Fired

Posted on: Jul 01, 2014

Categories: Leadership

Empty Conference RoomI love doing corporate coaching. I sit in a day or two of meetings, listening to the problems, challenges, and exciting work to be done moving forward.

At the end of two days, I have discerned 10-15 specific jobs or tasks that no one in the room is currently in charge of.

I write each task on a card, and I place all of these very tangible actions that somebody needs to take ownership of on the table. Then, I look around the room at the executive team, and I tell them that they’re all fired.

If they want their jobs back, then their new job description has to include everything that they currently do, as well as one or two of the jobs on the table.

As each member of the executive team picks up a card, it becomes part of their job description. There will be accountability, an executable schedule, and reporting back to the team on the progress of that new job.

This is the only way the company can incorporate it’s unmet goals and objectives. Until every card is picked up from the table, the entire team is fired.

Are you will to change your job description and do what needs to be done? Or would you rather sit around for two days complaining about the ten things that nobody takes responsibility for and refusing to do anything about it yourself?

That’s the difference between a two-day complete waste of time and resources and a two-day transformational accountability action plan.

So, how will you spend your next retreat?

P.S. My phone number is (513) 229-3626 if you’re ready to start firing people  up.

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