Yes, You Have Permission To Cut the Crazymakers Out of Your Life

Posted on: Aug 02, 2019

Categories: Life at Performance Level, Podcast, Relationships and Family

You could have the most successful career, the most beautiful home, the best clothes and even endless passion for what you do—but here’s a newsflash: If you don’t have good people in your life, you are not going to be happy.

You see, if your life is a show and you are the star of that show, your story will be largely affected by the cast of people surrounding you. You’ll have your co-star, the person you share your life with, you’ll have your supporting characters who are your friends, and you may have a few crazy-makers who keep thwarting your plans or holding you back.

But here’s the difference between your life and a stage production: While every good show has a villain, you do not have to tolerate crazy-makers who are preventing you from delivering the performance of a lifetime.

Every person on the stage of your life should be a supporting character who literally supports the person you’re becoming and cheers you on as you move toward higher levels of authenticity, generosity, passion and excellence.

Wondering how the heck to start re-casting your show so that this becomes true? That’s what I’m talking all about in episode #28 of my Life at Performance Level podcast series. It is, without fail, the topic that people ask me about most after I give my keynote speech, and I’m so excited to answer your most burning questions on casting your show wisely.

Listen in to hear:

  • The criteria you should have for the 6-8 people you surround yourself with habitually
  • How to deal with crazymakers (and determine who the crazy-makers are)
  • Two strategies for writing people out of your show
  • Exactly how to have those hard conversations with difficult employees/co-workers

A warning: The content of this episode is heavy. It will make you think. It will make you see the people in your life for what they are. It also has the power to move you forward in incredible ways. It’s important, but it’s not easy.

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