Why You Need to Make Yourself Available

Posted on: Apr 23, 2015

Categories: Leadership, Relationships and Family

availableAt a certain point in your career, people are going to want to schedule meetings with you, take you to lunch, use you as a sounding board and ask your advice.  They’re going to want to feel connected to you and your brand through face-to-face interaction.

Unfortunately, there is not enough time in a day to take every lunch invitation or go to every networking event but closing yourself off, refusing to take any time to sit down with someone over breakfast or a cocktail, can seriously damage your brand.  Though we’ve moved into an era where digital communication is king, people still crave personal connection. Big business deals still get sealed with a handshake.

That’s why you need to make yourself available.

Today, go through your email inbox. Are there invitations you’ve been ignoring, RSVP’s you “forgot” to send? Take a few minutes going through them, and seriously consider why you might need to say “yes” to attending.

Create your own list of colleagues, clients, business associates that you may need to request a little face time with. Business is about relationships. If you can’t remember what some of your clients or colleagues look like, then maybe it’s time to go to lunch.

Who is one person you can take the time to meet face-to-face this week? Give them a call, set it up, and stick to your commitment.

*Image courtesy Gareth Williams

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