Why Winning Doesn’t Matter

Posted on: Jan 08, 2019

Categories: Goal Setting, Podcast

Congratulations! You did it: You got the job, won the contest, got your acceptance letter or earned a promotion. But guess what? None of that matters for your long-term fulfillment and success. And I’m explaining why in my latest podcast!

You see, I’ve seen too many “winners” get the promotion and lock themselves in their CEO corner office, win the competition and stop hustling, or get married and get lazy.

They thought they made it to the finish line, and that’s why their success took a downward spiral.

Really, they made it to the starting line. 

I talk in my keynote about the importance of failing successfully and picking the ball back up after you drop it. But it’s equally vital to succeed successfully and keep the momentum going after your wildest dreams come true.

In order to turn your wins into more wins, you have to re-frame the finish-lines of your life into starting lines for your next big achievements. Listen in to episode 10 to hear:

  • How to banish negative self-talk so that you can turn your wins into more wins
  • The keys to being a great employee or brand representative who gets promoted
  • The crazy competition I won and where it got me (you won’t believe this!)
  • What you need to think about whenever you hear the word “congratulations”
  • An incredible tool that will guide you through the process of writing a new script for your life

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