Who Wants a Tattoo of You?

Posted on: Sep 30, 2014

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TattooRecently, I’ve observed the rise of the “business celebrity.” From speakers, to writers, to CEOs, the current trend is to market yourself like a celebrity, advertising the news outlets you’ve been interviewed by or contributed to, and covering your website in the logos of your biggest clients.

These logos almost are treated like boy scout badges, except instead of checking to see if your peers have the “Service” badge or the “Wilderness Safety” badge, you’re looking to see if they can boast of big-hitter clients like Google and Apple.

We all want to be associated with greatness. It gives us status and a certain significance when we can claim some connection, no matter how small, with a company that’s globally recognized.

But I want you to answer this question: if you have a logo, would anyone want it on their website? Not because you’re a celebrity, but because you’re truly great? Do your clients want everyone else to know they’ve worked with you?

Athletes will purchase Nike products just so they can flash that familiar swoosh. Huge fans of brands have even gone so far as to tattoo the logo onto their bodies. Who is showing off that they have worked with you or have purchased your product or service?

If others aren’t proud to have worked with you, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate what you’re offering. If you truly provide something that is excellent and valuable, then your clients should want to brag about you like their new iPhone.

It’s valuable to associate ourselves with greatness, but it’s even more valuable when we are the greatness that others want to be associated with.

Ask more questions, solve the right problems, provide impeccable service, and you will be on your way to greatness, with word-of-mouth as the only advertising you need.

By the way, here is some tattoo-ready artwork for you:









*Image courtesy Terry Johnston

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