When you Find Yourself in a New Stage of Life, Step into the Spotlight

Posted on: Aug 26, 2019

Categories: Change Management, Life at Performance Level, Podcast

You’re in a new situation, and you feel like life as you knew it has given way to a dark empty stage of unknowns, and an audience is waiting with bated breath to see what you do next.

It’s your first day at college.

Your first night alone in your new apartment.

Your first day in the corner office as CEO.

Your first wide-open Saturday living in your dream city.

Your first Monday since your position was eliminated at work.

Your first night at home with a brand new baby.

Your first Christmas without a loved one.

Sometimes these firsts are exciting; a status or goal we’ve worked toward for years and finally achieved.

Sometimes these firsts are heartbreaking; the result of a totally unexpected turn in our life.

Whichever new stage of life you’re in, all transitions are challenging.

Whether the transition you’re undergoing was a carefully planned win or completely unforeseen failure, you have a choice: You can stay on stage and step into the spotlight with an unwavering commitment to making your life’s show better—or you can fade into the backdrop and give up.

Want to learn how to do the first? Every day that you open your eyes, it’s opening night on your brand-new life. And on episode #31 of The Next 24 Hours, I’m talking all about how to handle transitions with integrity, from the opening of the curtain to the time you take a bow. 

Listen in to hear:

  • Transitions in my life that almost threw me for a loop and how I pushed through
  • The mindset you need to embrace when the unexpected happens
  • How to own a new stage of life (even when it feels intimidating)
  • Why you need to celebrate a win—and then completely forget about your successes

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