What’s Making Your Company Culture?

Posted on: Feb 24, 2015

Categories: Leadership

Company culture has become a buzzword. Job seekers want to find a culture they think they can grow in, and current employees want to be in an environment where they enjoy their work.

But while it’s one thing to want a good company culture, you can’t just put a bunch of people with good intentions and strong work ethics in a room, and hope magic happens.

Your company culture has to be intentional, and if you’re the boss, everyone is looking to you. Here are a few things that are affecting the culture of your company:

  • How your employees talk about one another
  • How they talk about you
  • Whether they are competitive with one another
  • Whether they try to make their colleagues look good
  • How passionate they are about your service or product
  • How often they smile or laugh while at work
  • Whether they have a voice that is heard and valued
  • Whether they are a part of the solution or the problem
  • How often they complain about work at home
  • Whether they know there is growth potential in their current position

Most of the things on that list are about attitude, and it’s amazing how quickly one bad attitude can poison an environment. A good company culture is one where people are kind to one another, respect the boss, want to see others succeed, and spread joy in the office.

What are you doing to create that environment? Are you pausing, sharing joy with people throughout the day? Are you conscious to only speak words of kindness about others? Even when you know they can’t hear you? Are you working to make the whole team look good, not just yourself? Do you speak positively about your office when you’re out of the office?

You are responsible for your company culture, and having a good one means that more people want to work there, and your best people will want to stay.

Do this today: one small act of kindness. Pay it forward in your company culture, and share with me what the result is!

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