What the Best Bosses Have In Common

Posted on: Jun 16, 2020

Categories: Leadership

So you want to be the best boss ever—but where do you start? 

Should you focus on your strengths or build up your weaknesses? What if your people don’t trust you, or there’s a big age gap between you and the employees you’re leading? 

Do leadership development workshops really work? Should you ask your people for feedback? Does taking time for yourself to think and reflect really matter?

My guest on episode #50 of The Next 24 Hours, Don Frericks, is a leadership expert who has spent his career interviewing and coaching top corporate leaders. He’s also the author of the book Best Boss Ever! and he’s graciously sharing some amazing answers to all of these questions.

Our conversation will help you understand the difference between leadership and influence, the five steps of the rapid leadership development process, and how to dig deep and build on your strengths. 

You’ll also get to hear; 

  • The difference between leadership and influence
  • Why your backstory matters so much for your leadership style
  • The three things that get in the way of being a great leader
  • The difference between leadership training and leadership development
  • The key to getting the feedback you need as a leader
  • How to hone in on your strengths 
  • How to implement more reflection into your life
  • What the “five whys” are and how they can change your life

Don’s wisdom is foundational for leading and living with integrity, whether you’re a manager or a CEO. 

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