What Teenagers Tell Us About the Future of Marketing

Posted on: Apr 09, 2019

Categories: Change Management, Podcast

If you think that you are in control of your job or your business, you’re wrong.

And if you’re in marketing, branding, advertising, or business development, and you sit in offices to brainstorm new ideas, you’re missing out on the most powerful marketing consultant in existence: A teenager. I’m not kidding!

If you want to know the future of marketing and the future of your job, you have to look to up-and-coming generations and the way they interact with trends.

So: On today’s podcast, I’m sharing what I learned from my 14-year-old son about the latest trends. What he told me is the KEY to survival for companies in the coming decade.

Change is happening faster than ever in this marketplace, so get ready to hear how changing technology will affect your life and your work in radical ways (if it hasn’t already) along with:

  • The surprising driving force behind trends
  • An exercise that will make your brand #1
  • Why Kroger Pickup changes the face of marketing
  • The secret to creating a viral product
  • 3 new mind-blowing technologies that will have a ripple effect in all industries

This one was my favorite episode to record yet. It’s a game changer—and it could save your job and your company from becoming obsolete.

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