What Minimum Wage Really Means

Posted on: Apr 01, 2014

Categories: Living the Dream

Minimum WageMinimum wage gets a bad rap. It’s thought of alongside terms such as “underemployed” and “poor.” But minimum wage doesn’t mean minimum opportunity.

This is what minimum wage really is:

Free on-the-job training

Someone holds you accountable to be on time and well put together

Feeling good about earning the things you buy

Contributing to society as a whole

Doing something everyday that is leading to a better future for you and your family

Free education in how professionals converse

Developing a healthy work ethic

Getting paid to learn new skills

The unemployment rate in America is 7.3% as of October. That’s roughly 22 million people (yes, I said million).

Minimum wage jobs can be demanding, but let’s look at them for the long-term benefits they provide.

3.6 million people have minimum wage jobs in America. Now compare that to the 22 million who have no jobs at all.

Employment is a gift. Just remember this: “minimum” wage offers a whole lot more than “zero” wages.

*Image courtesy Molly DG

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