Want Better Office Culture? Have More Fun and Shorter Meetings.

Posted on: Jun 11, 2019

Categories: Company Culture, Podcast

Trying to create better office culture? On episode #21 of The Next 24 Hours, you’ll hear practical ways to do just that.

Does your workplace ever feel divided between teams or dead in the enthusiasm department? You have the power to change that with the right tools.

On episode #21, I’m bringing on company culture transformer Joy Van Patten of Divisions Maintenance Group to talk about her magic strategy that dissolved silos and reignited people’s passion for their work.

Hint:  It involves the song “We Will Rock You,” a daily huddle meeting, and an iconic yellow jacket.

You’ll love Joy’s infectious energy and the tangible strategies she outlines for making your teams work together brilliantly.

On this episode, you’ll also get to hear:

  • Why a daily huddle could nix time-wasting meetings for good
  • The simplest way to improve accountability in an organization
  • How to free yourself from getting trapped in minutia and focus on what matters
  • How Joy got an entire facilities management company to sing together and why it transformed their office culture
  • A strategy that helps newbies and seasoned veterans work together brilliantly
  • How Freddie Mercury’s yellow jacket brought a company with employees across the nation together

For a little back story: I’ve had the privilege of speaking at Divisions Maintenance Group where Joy works a number of times, and I’m actually presenting my keynote for them again on June 18th at their 20th Anniversary Party! This episode is in celebration of them, but it’s also chock-full of strategies that you can start implementing today in your workplace—whether you’re the CEO or in an entry-level position. You won’t want to miss it!

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