This Isn’t a One-Man Show

Posted on: Feb 18, 2014

Categories: Relationships and Family

One-man show“No one-man show was ever produced by one man.” —Curtis Zimmerman

As you cast your show, there is no one more important than your co-star, the person who plays the biggest supporting role in your show, while you do the same for their show. For many of us, this will be our spouse, our partner, or the one we promise to spend the rest of our lives with.

Your co-star should be willing to share the stage in an unending passion to make your show better, and you should have that same passion for your co-star’s show. Instead of trying to upstage each other, you should be devoted to each other’s performance, relying on one another for understanding, comfort, and honesty.

Putting your co-star’s dreams on the backburner while you focus on improving your show for a time is fine (and sometimes the best thing for your relationship and your future), as long as you discuss it and both agree to it. But if you don’t ever allow your mate to shine, that spotlight might burn out forever.

If you have yet to find your co-star, consider carefully what traits you’re looking for in your ideal mate. Go back to my post on you as the star of your show — in what areas are you strongest, and what kind of traits are compatible with your strong points, as well as your weaknesses?

Write a list of criteria, be it personality, physical traits, beliefs, or simply how they treat others, to give yourself an idea of what you’re looking for in the ideal co-star for your show. Be specific. Don’t settle for anyone less. Don’t settle for someone you can be happy with for a time. Hold out for the person you want to be with for 50+ years — that is the ultimate criteria. If he or she doesn’t pass the audition, you need move on to the next candidate.

What traits do you want in your ideal mate? Comment and tell me!

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