The Opposite of Micromanaging: Your Key to Being a Better Parent and Leader

Posted on: Aug 19, 2019

Categories: College, Leadership, Podcast, Relationships and Family

Are you struggling to help your kids or your employees become more independent? 

Whether you’re a parent or you lead people in another capacity, your job is not to micromanage—it’s the opposite of micromanaging.

Your job is to prepare them to manage themselves as they enter into their first year of college or get a promotion.

Since that’s so much easier said than done, on episode #6, I’m sharing tangible takeaways I’ve learned from speaking at hundreds of new student orientations and leading dozens of executive leadership retreats. (Not to mention what I’ve learned from parenting teenagers and soon-to-be college students!)

Whether you’re a parent, a leader, or a college student yourself, this episode will teach you to help team members understand your vision and how they fit into it as an independently-motivated person.

Listen in to hear:

  • The shocking, sad truth about college students today that you need to know (it’s the lines are getting longer of people who want to meet me after my speech)
  • How to support your employees and prepare them for a position of leadership
  • Why you should let your kids struggle in high school
  • What your family dynamics can teach you about leading well at work
  • How to teach your kids self-reliance and independence
  • 4 things your child should know before he or she leaves for college

I really believe this episode could be a game-changer for your leadership or parenting strategy. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or GooglePlay