The Hidden Value of Going All In

Posted on: Jun 03, 2014

Categories: Goal Setting

When I work on something, I am all in. I give it my best effort, put in the time and the energy, and work to create something truly amazing.

I call this Performance Level.

Sometimes, going all in visibly pays off. Presenting something that is truly polished, truly Performance Level, is worth it. When that happens, the work I do is reflected in profit.

But not always.

Sometimes in life, you work and work and work on something you love, attach all the wings and parachutes and kite strings, and it doesn’t fly.

These are the proposals that are rejected.

The perfected resumes that don’t get a second glance.

The business pitch that is turned down.

The partnership that fails.

But here’s the silver lining: for every time you give it all, pour in 100%, and reach for Performance Level, you’re getting better. You have the opportunity to improve yourself just by trying.

The only way you can learn and grow and become is if you go all in. You’re never going to learn from the projects that you don’t give your best effort because you’ll never know if you have it in you to succeed when you do really try.

It can be tempting to devote little effort to something that isn’t guaranteed to succeed. But ask yourself, what’s more valuable: succeeding at everything you try, or constantly learning and growing?

This week, I want you to go all in. Pick a project or a relationship or an event that you’ve been just coasting on and give it a renewed energy and focus. Bring it up to Performance Level.

And if it fails? You’ve learned something that doesn’t work, and you’ve learned how amazing Performance Level feels. Embrace the feeling, and try again.

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