The Boomerang Effect

Posted on: May 27, 2014

Categories: Living the Dream

dreamsThe more you give, the more you receive.

I’ve always believed that, and that is why it has always been important to me to help my employees to live their dreams.

Not only does it help them, but ultimately, the employees that are living their dreams are the ones who will be more engaged and passionate about their work.

This summer, a past employee, Holly, has returned to manage a major project for the Curtis Zimmerman Group. Holly was a corporate executive who left her job to work for the Curtis Zimmerman Group while she worked towards her second degree.

Her ultimate goal was to get her masters in teaching and to leave the corporate world behind to pursue her true passion — education — and we did what we could to help make that dream come true. And now we’re thrilled, five years later, to have her back on the team for the summer to launch our project.

Sometimes, when you help others to live their dreams, those same people end up being your greatest allies. You should never expect to get anything from helping another person, but if you just continue to do what you can to help others, I know for certain that you’ll be amazed at the positive outcomes.

I call this the Boomerang Effect: everything you send out into the world returns to you, eventually, good or bad. And when you never turn down a chance to help another person, you never lack friends who can help you.

Whose dream are you bringing to life today?

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*Image courtesy Paleontour