The Amazing Thing that Happens When You Push Past Discomfort

Posted on: Mar 26, 2019

Categories: Podcast

I often hear my teenagers say that they can’t talk to someone because it would be “too awkward.” While it may be just a phase for them, I think we have a society-wide problem: We’re afraid to really connect with people and ask them for help—even when it’s the only way we can move toward our goals. We need each other!

In today’s podcast episode, I’m giving you the key to pushing past discomfort to achieve your goals and showing you the incredible power of asking for help with a story I’ve never shared before.

It’s about a time when I was only 13 that I pushed past countless barriers and went out on a limb, thanks to the generosity of others. Listen in to hear:

  • How I got into the foremost mime school in LA at 13 (when I really shouldn’t have been allowed in)
  • The amazing thing that happened when I made 17 phone calls to ask for help
  • The one thing you must do if you want to achieve your goals anytime soon
  • Why I don’t believe that obstacles exist
  • The amazing thing that’s on the other side of being uncomfortable

I really believe that success doesn’t happen in a vacuum and that we all have to ask for help and support on our journey. This episode illustrates that in tangible ways.

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