Surprising and Delighting Customers in a Pandemic

Posted on: Jul 14, 2020

Categories: Marketing, Podcast

How do you surprise and delight customers in a world where in-person experiences are off the table?

What does employee engagement even mean when Zoom calls are the new norm?

I know that if you’re a marketer or leader in 2020, you’re asking these questions.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be interviewing Brad Pappas, an old friend of mine (you won’t believe how we met!) and an experiential marketing guru on episode #54 of The Next 24 Hours.

He’s sharing the secrets to connecting with consumers, coming up with fresh creative ideas, and bringing new life to brands—even during a pandemic.

Tune in to hear…

  • The zany and super-effective marketing stunts Brad has designed for the world’s biggest brands like Office Max, Gap, 7Up, and more.
  • How he comes up with creative ideas that perfectly achieve the objectives of the brand he’s working with
  • The three keys to making experiential marketing work
  • How to use marketing to make people smile

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To learn more about Brad, click here.