Starting 2015 the Right Way

Posted on: Jan 01, 2015

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2015Happy New Year! I hope you celebrated in style last night and gave 2015 the welcome it deserves.

Most of us have the day off today—perhaps to recover from some overzealous celebrating last night—but I hope your day can be more than that. You have been given a full day to reflect on the past year and to prepare for the one ahead of you. What a gift!

So, what are you going to do with it?

I can’t over emphasize the importance of reflection, of remembering where we’ve been, where we wanted to be, and considering how close or far we are from our long-term goals.

When I ask others if they have ever been through a formal goal setting program, they often say they simply don’t have time (and wouldn’t know where to begin if they did).

Well, today you have time, and I have some resources to show you where to start.

Last January, I did a series on goal setting based on my Goal Setting Workbook. In the posts, I provided free access to my workbook ($20 value) and detailed instructions for how to reflect, dream, plan, act, andmeasure your progress. You can find the whole series here.

I wish it was possible to do an in-depth one-on-one session with each of you, but these resources should give you a good start.

So pour yourself a cup of coffee (or water and Advil), take out an old, unused journal (a remnant of journaling resolutions past), and start drafting the next chapter of your life.

May 2015 be your best year yet.

*Image courtesy Nana B Agyei

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