Breakouts and Training

Have you tried incentives, rewards, and positive thinking programs only to achieve temporary results?

If you want to create a better work atmosphere, more effective business communication, a higher level of productivity and self-empowered individuals, Curtis’ breakout and training sessions will make your job so much easier.


Breakouts and Training

Life At Performance Level™ Workshop

Curtis expands his nationally recognized keynote Living Life at Performance Level™ into a full-day workshop that will optimize the culture of your organization. He tailors his program to your company, department or division to reinforce a strategic direction or tackle a particular challenge. Curtis is a master facilitator, creating a workshop environment that provides the momentum needed to transfer the skills and lessons he teaches to your day-to-day business environment.

The workshop is a deeper dive into the keynote, plus:

  • Interactive leadership training
  • Cohesive team building
  • Unlocking the power of delegation
  • Cultivating effective communication
  • Removing silos and comfort zones

The Living Life at Performance Level™ Workshop provides the tools and confidence to empower, challenge, and change you and your company.

Breakouts and Training

The Magic of Leadership™

This workshop allows individuals to identify and take ownership of their gifts while challenging them to cultivate new skills. Regardless of what role they play within an organization, all participants will learn to tap into their leadership magic.

Curtis shows that “the magic we possess only works when we give it away” helping individuals to:

  • Determine what type of leader they are
  • Modify behavior for optimal performance
  • Recognize moments of leadership
  • Understand the responsibilities incumbent upon successful leaders
  • Hone intuition and self-awareness
Breakouts and Training

Speak! At Performance Level®

Maximize your speaking potential and benefit from Curtis’ 25 years of experience as a stage performer and speaker. Drawing on his thousands of  global presentations, Curtis will give the participants the techniques and instructions to give the business presentation that wins the room over.

Curtis will help individuals to:

  • Be more comfortable speaking in front of an audience
  • Polish their speaking skills
  • Incorporate interactivity into their presentation
  • Build stage presence
  • Impact an audience
Breakouts and Training

Performance Level Teams

Curtis adeptly leads groups through a series of proven exercises that stress essential components of leadership, management and teamwork. This workshop requires each participant to be responsible while also relying on others to achieve success.

Curtis will:

  • Turn passive listeners into active participants
  • Offer proven strategies to put into immediate practice
  • Activate accountability
  • Improve communication
  • Build cohesive, effective teams
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