Seven Things Parents Need to Know When Their Child Goes to College

Posted on: Jul 15, 2018

Categories: College, Motivation

1) The new college students aren’t the only ones in transition. Think about the next chapter you’d like to write.


2) The longer your student is off at college, the less you should call, text, email, Facebook, Pinterest, or tweet at them. This will allow them to embrace their new environment.


3) To keep your relationship strong, don’t interview, question, or give ultimatums. Instead listen, listen, listen and support them as they fail successfully. Remember, one of the goals of college is to try new things, not to second-guess every decision.


4) Send a surprise care package with specific items they can find only in their hometown area.


5) Shock them by sending them a handwritten letter detailing how proud you are of them.


6) Start a secret scrapbook of their college life and present it to them at graduation.


7) Feel amazing about the awesome students you’ve helped send off to college with all the tools and knowledge they need to succeed In the next chapter of their lives.

Congratulations on a job well done — you deserve it.