Write a New Script e-Workbook

It’s time to crumple up old life scripts.

Old scripts make you wait in the wings or play a character you don’t want to be. New scripts put you center stage in the starring role of your dreams. Are you ready? Write a New Script will guide you through a 5-step process of reflecting on where you’ve been, affirming where you are and focusing on where you want to go.

This workbook is a result of the hundreds of goal-setting workshops Curtis has facilitated around the country. Like the workshops, this eWorkbook helps individuals to:

  • Assess and focus on what is really important in life
  • Identify and define life dreams
  • Establish positive, detailed goals
  • Create action steps to achieve these goals
  • Implement a plan for measuring them

Write a New Script is perfect for individuals, couples, parents and teens. Delivered in a downloadable format, you get your workbok instantly so you can write a new script for your life today!



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