Online Learning and Family Quarantine: How Teenagers Are Experiencing the Pandemic

Posted on: Jul 02, 2020

Categories: Change Management, College, Podcast, Relationships and Family

We’ve each had a unique experience during the pandemic. Some of us have lost our jobs, others of us have been busier than ever. 

Some of us have stayed healthy, others of us have been hospitalized. The list goes on and on. 

I know that even in my own home, the five of us had vastly different experiences and reactions to quarantining together for three months. 

And as I was brainstorming podcast ideas, I thought—why don’t I capture my three teenagers’ different quarantine experiences on a podcast? 

So, on today’s episode, I’m interviewing my three teenagers: Noah, who’s in college and Mirabelle and Oliver who are in high school to hear their take on online learning, what it was like to be quarantined as a family for three months, and how they’re processing a pandemic.

I learned some new things by sitting down to talk to them—what the three positives and negatives were of quarantine and what they’re most looking forward to doing outside the house. 

You’ll also get to hear: 

  • Reflection questions to ask yourself and your family members about your pandemic experience
  • What teenagers really think of online learning
  • A sneak peek into the Zimmerman Family’s quarantine

My hope is that this episode will inspire you with questions to ask your friends and family members and give you insight into a teen’s experience of COVID-19.

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