Energize your culture with
Life at Performance Level

A program custom designed for McDonald’s built to improve leadership skills, communication, build stronger teams and enhance customer service.

What is included?

All the supplies and materials needed to help you keep the message alive and to be more engaged with your work and inspire your team, such as: posters, an Ambassador Guide, videos and support tools necessary to implement the program, along with access to secret resources.



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“Powerful message that’s relevant to what we do in polishing our part of the Arch every day.”

– Jeff Monfort, McDonald’s Owner/Operator


See Video and Testimonials:

[easy_youtube_gallery id=OZ9txcBK5B0,YKk3eGNhSFk,4f6odqs9U8o,4YK2yNlYiVc,YJTRJKEEKr8,NQ-84S0oIAw,NbGRy2xRcJo,OLzaTcQxu1Y,uH71Sovb7kU,_JYt9z_lUrU,59QRkwPGLHQ,P_uXI1mb29E,f5MnJjuR2sI,4xM5tcHM2Jo cols=4 ar=16_9 thumbnail=0 wall=1 title=bottom] Living Life at Performance Level
Testimonials Montage
Being a Tommy to Someone
Jeff Monfort, Owner/Operator
Jerry Lewis, Owner/Operator
Jason Monfort, Owner/Operator
Tim Mosher, Owner/Operator
Stacy Vorhees, Owner/Operator
Justin Monfort, Manager
Dave Hunt, Supervisor
Jonathan Lewis, Owner/Operator
Cody Reynolds, Manager
Ashley Mack, General Manager
Rodney Davis, Department Manager

“The first time I’ve left a meeting and had people coming to me, saying, ‘Jerry, we’ve got to get this to our other folks.'”

Jerry Lewis, McDonald’s Owner/Operator