What is Living the Dream?

Posted on: May 22, 2017

Categories: Goal Setting, Leadership, Living the Dream, Motivation

Everyone will have a best day, and everyone will have a worst day, but the majority of your life will be spent on what I call “just another Tuesday.” Many people spend their Tuesdays walking around like zombies, treating it like another boring day they just need to “get through.” But I want you to appreciate and live with 20% more gratitude on every Tuesday you spend on this planet.

I didn’t plan for Living the Dream to become my life motto. I didn’t start saying it because it was catchy — I starting saying it in my real life because I believed it. I am Living the Dream, just like you.

After realizing the amazing opportunities I’ve had in my life, I began saying “I’m Living the Dream” every time someone asked me how I’m doing. I don’t say this out of blind optimism. I say it because it’s a constant reminder of how blessed I really am.

Growing up on food stamps and in a dysfunctional home wasn’t what I wanted for the rest of my life, so I did what I could to change it. What part of your life do you need to change so you can live your dream?

What about your job? If you’re not working your Ideal Job right this very second, then this post applies to you.

What does that job look like? Does it have a certain number of zeroes on the paycheck? Does it prioritize flexibility? Would it include a personal assistant?

The good news is that you can still Live the Dream even if the job you’re working isn’t ideal. Your job is what you make it. If you treat your work like it’s important, deserving of your best effort and greatest focus, you’ll be amazed at how different you’ll begin to feel about “just another Tuesday” at your job. Treat everything you do like it’s your Ideal Job, and you’ll both reach your goals faster as well as gain the respect of those around you.

To get started working your Dream Job right now:

  • Arrive at work on time, which really means arriving 10-15 minutes early so you’re ready to start on time. It doesn’t matter if the first thing you do is fill tubs for the dog wash or heat up the fryer: don’t be late.
  • Pay attention to details. Don’t be satisfied with dirty glassware or wrinkled blouses. Take care with the presentation of both your workstation and your personal appearance. If your employer knows you as a careful, detail-oriented, and well put-together person, he or she will be more likely to recommend you to someone else.
  • Work hard. The working habits you develop now will follow you to your next job and the one after that. If you consistently arrive to work late, unshowered, and grouchy, don’t expect that to change once you’ve landed a position on your ideal career path.

Remember, I’m not talking about blind optimism. Living the Dream is living with an attitude of gratitude. Everyone has a worst day, and everyone has a best day. What do you have to be thankful for on this Tuesday?

Living the Dream,











P.S. Here’s some LTD swag that my friends sent me recently. Do you have your own “Living the Dream” story you’d like to share? Tell me a change you’ve made after hearing my program.