In 2019, the Power of Advertising is in the People

Posted on: May 29, 2019

Categories: Marketing, Podcast

Advertising—in the traditional sense—doesn’t work anymore. Have you noticed? In general, trends in 2019 don’t start because executives sat in a conference room somewhere and came up with a campaign—they grow organically among pockets of teenagers and corners of the internet. Rockstar brands notice this and map out their marketing strategy based on what’s already going on in the world.

That’s why in 2019, if you want to expand the influence of your brand, you have to stop pushing content and start pulling it. (I’m explaining what that means in this episode of The Next 24 Hours!)

If you’re someone who comes up with strategies or content to expand the influence of your brand, my latest podcast is going to make your job more fun and more effective.

In this episode, I’m outlining what you need to start doing today if you want your brand to stay relevant. You’ll also hear:

  • Why advertising doesn’t work anymore
  • How to capitalize on what your fans are already posting about you
  • The difference between “pushing” and “pulling” in advertising
  • How Crocs pulled a trend to break through to the next level of their business
  • What Reese’s did that turned into the best accidental PR stunt ever
  • How to make your customers feel radically cared about
  • The only way to win the social media game in 2019
  • Why you need to get up from your desk if you want your company to succeed

This is exclusive content from the day I spent with the PR Team at Universal Studios Orlando. You’ll get to hear the simple-but-powerful practices we put in place to engage their audiences in the age of social media.

And they’re game changers.

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