How to Live the Dream Even When Life is Hard

Posted on: Jan 22, 2019

Categories: College, Living the Dream, Podcast

You know it and I know it: Life can be hard, and living your dream takes hard work.

I often answer that I’m “living the dream” whenever anyone asks how I’m doing, buI’ll be the first to testify that it doesn’t mean that my life is easy—in fact, sometimes, when you choose to live your dream, life gets harder! We’re going to get real about that in my latest podcast episode.

It was right after giving my keynote speech at Florida State University that I met a young man who embodied what it means to live the dream in the midst of incredible hardship. He forever symbolizes the meaning of gratitude and hard work in my mind. On today’s podcast, I’m sharing his story.

You will not believe the challenges he overcame in order to get to college, and I think you’ll find that his journey has real-life applications for yours.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How this student got a full-ride to college without being able to attend high school
  • Why I signed his shoe after giving my speech (and it wasn’t because he wanted my autograph!)
  • Daily strategies to keep you focused on what you’re grateful for
  • How my grandma inspired my keynote speech
  • new way to think about the struggles in your life

I also want to give you a bonus way to remind yourself that you’re living the dream: Click here for a Free download of a Living the Dream lock screen for your phone!

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