How to Deal With the People In Your Life That You Didn’t Choose

Posted on: Mar 26, 2015

Categories: Relationships and Family

peopleIn my keynote, I talk about the importance of casting your show—surrounding yourself with the people who are going to positively influence your life. But a number of times, I’ve been asked after my speech, “What about the people who are in your life that you didn’t choose?”

While you can pick your friends, family and coworkers come into our lives without asking us first. The coworker who is always negative about your company, the family member who passive aggressively makes you doubt yourself and your decisions—these are poisonous people. But what are you supposed to do about it?

Give them fewer lines. Don’t let them play such a big part in your life. Maybe you can’t write them out entirely, but you don’t have to give them the starring role, letting them slowly suck the life out of you.

A group of your coworkers are going to lunch, including the judgmental, catty one? Don’t go.

Your crazy maker cousin who always makes you defensive and angry is calling? Don’t pick up.

Your friend of a friend who you know will be at the get together? Say you’ll come next time.

You may not always get to choose who is in your life, but you always get to choose how much they can affect you.

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