How to Be Unforgettable

Posted on: Jun 10, 2014

Categories: Living the Dream

A few years ago, I got a call from a man who saw me speak at Florida State University.

He said he’d been meaning to give me a ring to talk to me about the power of “Living the Dream” and how he had been sharing this greeting with everyone for the past eight years.

Yes, he heard my message eight years ago, and he has not only incorporated it into his daily salutations but also into the corporate presentations he gives.

He estimated that he had shared “Living the Dream” with thousands of people, and it made me wonder what makes certain phrases and concepts so sticky—and how YOU can apply it to make your personal brand or corporate brand unforgettable.

1. It’s the truth.

When I tell people “I’m Living the Dream!” it comes from my mouth, but I’m really saying it from my heart.

2. It’s easily captured in a few words.

If people can’t remember how the catchphrase or quote goes, it will be too hard to continue repeating to others.

3. It’s all in the delivery.

Say it with gusto, mean it, and your concept or catchphrase will carry much further.

4. It gives a sense of urgency.

People remember “Living the Dream” because it’s about the immediate. You are Living the Dream TODAY. Don’t wait until tomorrow to live your dream because tomorrow it could be too late.

4. It has a deeper meaning.

Sure, some people say “Living the Dream” flippantly, but to me “Living the Dream” represents gratitude and thankfulness for our blessings. It’s a reminder that we get to choose what dream we’re living.

5. It’s surprising.

People tend to remember the unusual and obscure much easier than the mundane and typical. Saying, “I’m Living the Dream!” often takes people off guard and piques their interest, so they’re less likely to forget something that made them curious.

6. It’s positive and uplifting.

Most people don’t carry around, share, and dwell on negative ideas for a decade at a time. But if a concept reminds them of something positive and gives their morale a boost, they will want to remember it and to share it with others. We all like to feel good, so if a phrase or quote makes us feel that way, we will repeat it to ourselves often.

If somebody meets you today, sees your product, or uses your service, the question I want you to ask is: what will they be saying eight years from now that will make that product, service, or encounter memorable?

If you can answer this question, you truly are Living the Dream.

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