How “Living the Dream” Became Part of My Keynote

Posted on: Mar 24, 2015

Categories: Living the Dream

livingthedreamWhen I first started as a speaker, I didn’t have any part of my keynote in which I spoke about “Living the Dream,” how it’s my life motto, and how it’s change my perspective and can change yours to live your life better and happier. Those of you who have heard me speak may be surprised by this, since it’s such a key point in my speech now.

Before it was a part of my keynote, “Living the Dream” was still my response every time someone asked how I was doing—because I was “Living the Dream!” But after saying it so many times and seeing so many people react strongly to it, so much so that they started saying it too, I realized something. “Living the Dream” was sticky.

Part of creating a keynote and a message is finding what stays with people, long after you’ve left the stage. A speaker is only as good as the number of people who remember his talk afterwards, and no matter what, audiences always remember “Living the Dream.”

Getting an idea or a product out into the world is a triumph, but if no one remembers it or uses it, you haven’t succeeded. Launching something is just the beginning. Once a product or idea is out on the market, you have to do the most important thing of all: you have to listen. What are people talking about, remembering, sharing about your product or idea?

Take that piece—the conversation piece of you product or idea—and blow it out, even if it means changing or sacrificing other pieces. My keynote is what it is today because I let it evolve—and continue to do so!—and you need to do the same.

Do you know what people talk about and remember about your product or service? Tell me about it and how you’re going to focus in on it!