How Great Leaders Get People to Do What They Want

Posted on: Mar 11, 2019

Categories: Leadership, Podcast

Tired of being disappointed and wondering how to get people to do what you want? Try this 5-minute leadership exercise that will help you align any kind of team with your mission.

I was at dinner one night with a fascinating group of professionals in Las Vegas. Everyone around that table was dynamic with incredible careers—but my jaw dropped when I heard what a vice president of an elite hotel does every day for the people he leads. Seriously, it forever changed the way I understood managing people.

On today’s podcast, I’ll tell you what Brian Gullbrants, then the EVP of the Wynn Hotel shared with me.

It’s going to have breakthrough applications for your everyday life, like:

  • How to get all of your people on the same page—whether you’re managing a team of 3 or 3,000
  • Why you need to stop reacting when you’re disappointed and start doing this instead
  • Brian’s genius leadership practice that only takes five minutes of your day
  • How to position yourself as a leader that people will actually want to follow

I often talk to CEOs who are frustrated by the lack of passion in their departments, parents who are tired of telling their kids to get off their phone and general managers of quick-service restaurants who just want their employees to look customers in the eye.

People are disappointing them left and right, and it’s hurting everything from their sales to their home life.

It’s time to realize that if you’re disappointed, the ball is in your court, and there really is something you can do today that will get the people you’re in charge of back on track.

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