How A Band Is Bringing Hope, Confidence and Community to Teens Around the World

Posted on: Feb 24, 2020

Categories: College, Leadership, Millennial Perspective, Podcast

Photo credit: Sam Greenhill

Anxiety and depression is a growing crisis for young people.

I’ve spoken at new student orientations at colleges for a number of years, and recently, the lines have been longer than ever—and each line represents stories of young people struggling with suicidal thoughts, cutting, or friends struggling with those things who they don’t know how to help. 

There are so many ways that amazing people are working to counsel and encourage young people, but my guest on episode #42 of The Next 24 Hours is working to bring hope through a powerful medium: Music. 

Ben Malson is a founding member of the up-and-coming band Telehope, a band that has risen to national success. They have millions of streams on Spotify and their music has been played on Sirius XM, major radio stations across the nation, and MTV.

But beyond their accolades, they have a band mission that is inspiring and creating community for young people in unprecedented ways. 

I’m so excited to share my interview with Ben so that you can hear more about his philosophy as a mission-driven, business-minded musician. 

There are takeaways in this episode for everyone: I’m talking to him about navigating big changes, shifts in the music industry that have changed the rules for how a band blows up, ignoring the naysayers, using social media to grow your fanbase, and the challenges facing college students. 

You’ll also get to hear: 

  • How Ben went from being told he should never sing again to becoming the co-frontman of a nationally-touring band
  • The message they got that shocked them and forever changed the mission of Telehope (it’s where their name comes from!)
  • The big shift in the music industry that opens up the doors for more artists to succeed
  • What Ben and I have both noticed about the college market and what students need to hear most
  • How Telehope is using their music to speak into the anxiety and depression crisis young people are facing today
  • Special sneak previews of their new music
  • Ben’s secret to confidence and optimism in the face of major changes
  • What you need to know about TikTok, the newest social media craze

If you have young people in your life, if you’re working toward a dream, or if you just love good music, don’t miss this episode—you’ll even get to hear a sneak preview of their latest songs!

You can find this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play. 

And you can find Telehope’s music on Spotify.