Harnessing a Social Workforce

Posted on: Dec 09, 2014

Categories: Leadership

socialWhen’s the last time you went home and posted on your personal Facebook page about something you’re working on in your office? The last time you Tweeted about something that happened at work that you just had to share it with your friends because you love your job so much?

With the amount of information that is shared and tweeted, it’s harder, and more expensive, than ever to get your brand messages across. It’s actually incredibly difficult to get a large group of people talking about your advertisement, blog, or Facebook post.

That’s why every single employee needs to be a brand ambassador. They should be talking about and sharing your company’s good work constantly.

But maybe you’re thinking: who wants to do that? Who wants to have their Facebook page covered with obnoxious advertisements about where they work?

If that’s how you feel, then maybe you need to ask this question instead: why are we creating something that no one, even the people who work here, wants to talk about?

I don’t care if you make smart watches or giant steel cylinders for grain storage or solid oak tables – if nothing about your brand is interesting, innovative, and worthy of a conversation, what makes you think it’s going to last?

There’s a lot of noise out there, but if you can conduct the social power of the people who should love your brand the most – your employees – then you just might stand a chance of being heard.

*Image courtesy Maryland GovPics


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