Goal Setting Step Four: Take Action

Posted on: Jan 16, 2014

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Take ActionNow that you’ve reflected on where you are and where you’ve been, dreamed about where you want to go, and set the goals needed to get there, it’s time to take action.

It’s easy to spend a lot of time planning out our goals, but if we never take action, they will never become a reality.

One thing that may prevent you from taking action is time. Maybe you think you don’t have enough time to work out, to be with family, to work harder at your career, to invest in your personal development, but ultimately, “not enough time” is just an excuse.

We all are given the same number of minutes in a week, and it’s our responsibility to use those minutes well.

Consider this metaphor: Life is like a hall crowded with round banquet tables, and each week you have a certain amount of time allocated to sit at each table. Each table represents different things you spend time on, such as work, fitness, eating, television, hobbies, socializing, furthering education, or wandering in cyberspace.

We all have full lives, and we spend them at each of these tables every week. If we want to introduce a new goal or action, we can’t just add another table because the hall is full. Instead, we must look at how much time we’re spending at each table, and decide to make room at one of them for our new goal.

Pick three goals you want to focus on this year.

Commit to this small action: set a timer and spend 20 minutes every day this week just thinking about what you can do to work towards those goals. Think about what you want to accomplish, and your next step will come to you.

Taking action requires prioritizing and using your time wisely, and if you’re not willing to get up 20 minutes earlier or to shut off the TV 20 minutes sooner, then you’d better look back at those three goals and decide whether you really want to accomplish them.

We live in a multi-tasking culture, and you must put your dreams and goals into the mix. Stop and make room for what is most important to you.

P.S. Need help committing to your goals? Take the Commit app for a spin: it’ll pop up on your phone every day to ask if you’ve met your commitment for the day.

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