FRONT ROW: What It is and Why I’m Doing It

Posted on: Apr 03, 2014

Categories: Front Row Interviews

frontrowYou may have noticed that I’ve begun posting blogs with the words “Front Row with…” in the title. This is a new series I’ve begun, and I’m excited to tell you the story behind it.

What is it? Front Row is a blog post series with exclusives interviews with some of the world’s leading experts and most successful business men and women who I’ve met throughout my career. These experts come from all different fields and industries, and they all have great insights and applicable tips that I hope you will benefit from reading. These are the people that I meet while en route to or at a speaking engagement that have amazing stories to tell that I’m lucky to have heard.

Why am I doing it? My career tends to drop me into the middle of a lot of unique circumstances. A couple months ago, I was at dinner with the general manager of one of the best hotels in the country, a Las Vegas nightclub owner, a brilliant man with an innovative business model for the home theatre industry, two triathletes, one of whom works for one of the largest wine and spirits brands, the other who travels the world taking photos of extreme athletic events, and lastly, a restauranteur, who owns restaurants in some of the best hotels in Las Vegas. I found myself looking around the table, wondering, “How on earth did I get here?” which is a question I ask myself quite frequently throughout my travels. In this scenario, I knew the answer was Jody Lawrence, one of the world’s best connectors, who will be featured in a FRONT ROW post soon.

I meet crazy awesome people with amazing stories, and since I don’t have the budget to fly them all in, set up a conference, and have them share their stories with you in person, I’m sharing their stories here, on my blog.

Now that you know a bit more about it, I hope you enjoy your seat in the FRONT ROW.

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*Image courtesy U.S. Naval War College