Forget Employee Engagement: Create the Dream Job

Posted on: Jul 08, 2014

Categories: Living the Dream

employeeEvery day, when I walk into the office, I sit at my desk and spend 30 minutes writing.

This is Caroline, Curtis’ marketing manager, and I want to tell you why I have the Dream Job, and how you can give your employees the same opportunity.

During those first 30 minutes, I don’t work on marketing materials or emails. I don’t work on anything that has to do with my job at the Curtis Zimmerman Group. Rather, I work on personal writing — a novel that I’ve wanted to complete for many years.

But even though I am gifted with time intended to work towards that dream, that’s not what makes what I do the Dream Job. While working for the Curtis Zimmerman Group, I have been empowered to build out the job that I want, not just the job that they needed me to fill.

Rather than trying to fit perfectly into a CZG job description, I structured what I do at CZG based around my passions and my talents — writing, communications, story-telling, and marketing.

Curtis says: “The reason I want my employees to have their dream job while working for me is simple: when they are passionate about their work, excited about what they are doing, and eager to progress towards their goals, they become the dream employees.”

You may think that supporting a dream outside of the context or your company and your work is a waste of time, but I guarantee you that investing in a fully engaged, passionate employee will only save you money.

Why? Because passion supersedes natural ability. Every time.

So, whose dream are you making come true today?

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