How to Eliminate Toxic Things from Your Life

Posted on: Oct 29, 2018

Categories: Celiac Disease, Podcast

Are you holding on to something toxic? You know that your life would be so much better without it, but you find yourself going back to it again and again. For you, it could be a person, or it could be habit.  My toxin was wheat.

When I was sixteen years old, I had been hospitalized over 30 times in my life for the same mysterious reason. I was anemic, having seizures, and always sick, but no doctor knew why.

I was hospitalized for the last time when a doctor told me he wasn’t going to discharge me until he figured out what was going on. After running some tests, he told me this: I could either stop eating all bread, pasta, cake, pancakes–anything with any trace of gluten in it—or I could keep having seizures and winding up in the hospital every few months.

While everyone knows about it now, he diagnosed me with something I had never heard of at the time: celiac disease. While having celiac disease means that I can never have beer or waffles, my condition has also taught me so much. I owe the perspective of gratitude I have today to all of those nights I spent in a hospital bed. And I’m sharing those lessons with you in my latest podcast!

Listen in to hear:

1. Why cutting what’s toxic makes your life better.

To me, celiac disease represents a choice that I was given, to make one change—to stop eating wheat and gluten—that had a huge impact on my life. Do you know how long I was sad about not being able to eat gluten anymore? Maybe one day. To be free from pain, hospital visits and painful tests was so worth not getting to eat waffles anymore.

Is there something negative in your life that’s having a huge effect on you? Listen in to find out how to make a big change in a short amount of time.

2. How what you put into your body has a direct effect on what you have to give.

People usually frame eating well as a means to the end of looking good. But let me tell you—looking good is nothing compared to feeling good. In this episode, I share the power of fueling your body (and your mind) with healthy habits and thoughts.

3. How you can take control of your conditions rather than letting them control you.

Whether your “pre-existing condition” is a severe food allergy, a struggle with addiction, or a painful past, you can take control. I tell you how in this episode.

4. The real reason you should be grateful every day.

In the midst of my childhood hospital stays, I remember praying and telling God if he stopped the headaches and spinal taps, I would never waste my life.

Every day you get to be alive and healthy is a privilege. I don’t say that because I’m an author: I say it from experience. Celiac disease made me understand pain and suffering, but it also gave me the gift of being grateful every single day. Listen to episode 5 of my podcast to find out why.

Whether you have celiac disease, another condition or are blessed with good health, I guarantee there are things that your life would be so much better without. The show you’re writing called your life is worth it.

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