Do You Have an Easy Button?

Posted on: May 21, 2014

Categories: Motivation

Easy ButtonLast week, I spoke to Coca-Cola in Miami, Florida, at a beautiful resort.

While I was there, I was impressed by the high level of service offered by the host hotel. Of course, when catering to a major global brand like Coca-Cola, offering only the best service was in their best interest, but this hotel managed to go above and beyond in a way I’ve never seen before.

I was seated at a table with the event organizers, and after a while, I noticed a large button sitting on the table. After observing what happened when one of the organizers pushed it, I realized what it was.

It was an Easy Button.

Every time someone from Coke needed anything, one of the Coca-Cola event organizers could simply press the Easy Button, and immediately, a hotel employee would appear, ready to solve any problems or answer any questions. I don’t know how the system worked, but I do know that the hotel employee appeared like magic. The service was seamless, and it allowed the event to go off flawlessly.

What does an Easy Button look like for you?

Easy Buttons are what direct your clients to take the best advantage of your services. They cut out confusion, miscommunication, and give your customers one task: press the button. After that we, the service provider, will handle everything else.

Maybe it’s a clear, large phone number on your website with a friendly, experienced customer service rep on the other end.

Maybe it’s a set of materials that provides your clients with all of the information they did or didn’t ask for, including everything they could possibly want to know before purchasing your product.

Maybe it’s a literal button on your website that says “START HERE” that guides new visitors through everything you want them to see and read on your site.

Don’t tell me it’s too hard to get an Easy Button. You know what’s hard on your business? Losing customers due to your complicated systems.

So, do you have Easy Button?

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