Could Michael Jordan Do Your Taxes?

Posted on: Feb 06, 2014

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Michael JordanYou are the star of your life — I mean it.

But remember that being the star of your show doesn’t mean that you are the most important person on the planet or that the world revolves around you.

It means that you are the only person in every single scene of this show called your life, so by default, you’re the star. You are the only person who will be going to sleep with you every night and waking up with you every morning.

Before you can truly cast your show wisely, you need to have a clear picture of the character you currently play and how you want to enhance your most positive characteristics.

Right now, you need to give some attention to what you’re bringing to the stage and to your relationships with others. If you’re broken, you can’t fix others. You must first focus on being the best version of yourself before trying to improve others, because you can’t give away what you don’t have.

You may be thinking, “I can’t focus on myself — that’s being selfish because there are people who need me and my attention right now!” But you don’t need to feel guilty about spending time on yourself. The time you take to measure progress towards your goals and to project where and how you’d like to grow will ultimately help you be a better friend, parent, or spouse to someone else.

Myers Briggs has a personality test that can be very informative, but if you don’t have access to (or the time for) a Myers Briggs test, try this free one at Sometimes identifying your character’s natural strengths and tendencies can help you to understand yourself better.

While you’re redeveloping and redefining your character, I don’t want you to focus on your weaknesses. Focus on enhancing your strengths instead.

Think about it this way: Could Michael Jordan do your taxes?

Who knows? No one cares if Michael Jordan is terrible at doing taxes because he is one of the best basketball players of all time, and he has spent his life focusing on enhancing that strength.

You need to do the same. Pour your energy into taking the things you’re already good at and making yourself amazing at them. Why waste your time working on the things you aren’t naturally inclined towards when you’re already great at something else?

Take the time to review your progress on your goals, to think about what your next step is, and your character will be better for it.


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