Success Stories


After Curtis’s full-day retreat with Bacardi USA’s marketing department, Juan Rovira, Bacardi’s CMO, said, “Curtis’s passionate and provocative approach created an environment which increased collaboration and creativity among our different brand groups. His clever exercises broke down silos. After two days with Curtis, our Bacardi Marketing department team members left feeling inspired and empowered in their leadership positions—and ready to Live the Dream at Bacardi.


Curtis was invited to speak at YoUniversal, and Universal Studios EVP of Marketing and Sales, Alice Norsworthy, responded, saying, ” A great big THANK YOU for an awesome close to our conference!  The message was timely, relevant and really inspired the team. You may not have realized it, but you received a standing ovation—and that’s a tough crowd.”


Swiss Army experienced a cultural transformation after Curtis’s full-day retreat reinforcing their theme: Passion Inspired Leadership. After inspiring Swiss Army’s leaders, Curtis was asked to facilitate an executive leadership and management program, during which he guided Swiss Army’s finest to improve their employee relations and company morale.

Florida State University

For ten straight years, Curtis inspired the incoming freshmen and their parents at Florida State University, speaking to a total of over 100,000 students and parents. Patrick Heaton, the Director of New Student and Family Programs, said, “Your energy and message re-energizes our staff and holds us accountable for the important role we play in helping students maximize their potential. Our orientation program would be good without your involvement, but I know it is truly AMAZING because you are our partner in that process.” Countless students and parents have emailed Curtis over the years, describing the impact he had on their lives, including Candy Miles-Crocket, who emailed Curtis two years after seeing him speak at her child’s orientation, writing, “Your interaction with the audience was so on point and you made us question our self-talk, our goals and our determination. I came back from that wonderful experience and shared it with my office. You have an incredible gift and I will never forget what you taught me.”

US Air Force

The Vice Wing Commander at Shaw AFB invited Curtis to share his keynote encouraging Airmen to Live Life at Performance Level during their Wingman Day event. After witnessing how Curtis masterfully adapted his message to a military audience, Curtis was invited to give five more appearances, impacting over 20,000 Airmen with his message.

Walt Disney

With years of entertainment experience and a knowledge of amusement park culture in his wheelhouse, Curtis’ message made the perfect keynote at a Leadership Training Forum for the global leaders from Disney parks all over the world. Curtis’ program was so well received that he was recently invited back to share his message with the creative services team in Orlando.


Curtis’s first address to Timex’s sales and executive teams was received with such a positive response that he was invited to keynote at the National Merchandisers Seminar. At this event, Curtis customized his Living Life at Performance Level keynote to create a three-hour high-impact experiential training event.


After eight years of speaking on the campus of Savannah College of Art and Design as the New Student Orientation speaker, Curtis was invited to facilitate the 2013 Academic Leadership Retreat. Paula Wallace, President and Founder of  the SCAD, said, “With passion, wit, and wisdom, you engaged our retreat participants in dynamic group sessions—and by sharing your own story, you underscored an indelible message of positivity and purpose. What a brilliant start to SCAD’s 35th year!”

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