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The Mindset You Need for Making a Career Pivot

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, so many of us are in an “in-between” season.  Maybe the job you had was eliminated, or maybe the events you used to travel for have been canceled…

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Surprising and Delighting Customers in a Pandemic

How do you surprise and delight customers in a world where in-person experiences are off the table? What does employee engagement even mean when Zoom calls are the new norm? I know that…

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What Will Branding Be Like In the Future?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been spending a lot of time the last month thinking about the future. You’re wondering what it will be like, and if things can ever go back…

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What We Can Learn from the Transformational Leadership Style of Alyson Lundell

Ready to hone in on your transformational leadership style? Episode #33 with Senior Director of PR at Universal Orlando Resorts Alyson Lundell will help you do just that.  Confident leaders aren’t afraid of…

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In 2019, the Power of Advertising is in the People

Advertising—in the traditional sense—doesn’t work anymore. Have you noticed? In general, trends in 2019 don’t start because executives sat in a conference room somewhere and came up with a campaign—they grow organically among…

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Why You Should Watch YouTube with Your Kids

We all know that families don’t gather around the TV to watch the evening news together anymore. Instead, your teenagers spend hours watching YouTube to get their news, and you get alerts on…

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Don’t Be the Next Toys R Us: 7 Ways to Embrace Business Innovation

Giving my Keynote at conferences all over the nation means that I get an inside look at business innovation across industries. News flash: change is the new normal, and in order to survive,…

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Get Your Professional Branding Ducks in a Row

The executive offices for Universal Studios are directly connected to the park. Every employee entering these offices must go through a screening much like at the airport: IDs are shown, phones comes out…

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What Happens When Two of My Favorite Companies Work Together

A few months ago, I saw an advertisement for Vera Bradley bags with Disney characters on them. Vera Bradley is a brand well known for it’s bright and eye-catching patterns, but in this…

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Why I Customize My Juggling Balls

A few weeks ago, I shipped a thank-you gift to a friend out in Denver. I wanted to send something personal, something unique, so I went to a local ice cream shop that’s…

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Pair Yourself with Pain and Profit

A few months ago, a story was published by NBC about a Girl Scout in San Francisco who chose to sell cookies outside of a medical marijuana clinic. Knowing that cannabis is an “appetite…

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