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How to Be Unforgettable

A few years ago, I got a call from a man who saw me speak at Florida State University. He said he’d been meaning to give me a ring to talk to me…

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The Boomerang Effect

The more you give, the more you receive. I’ve always believed that, and that is why it has always been important to me to help my employees to live their dreams. Not only…

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9 Reasons the IRS Should be Run Like a Five-Star Hotel

Envision what Tax Day would be like if the IRS was run like a five-star hotel. I am dreaming of one where I’ve spoken, such as one of my favorite places on the…

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What Minimum Wage Really Means

Minimum wage gets a bad rap. It’s thought of alongside terms such as “underemployed” and “poor.” But minimum wage doesn’t mean minimum opportunity. This is what minimum wage really is: Free on-the-job training…

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Are You the Luckiest Person Alive?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Did you enjoy the “luck of the Irish” yesterday? Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day gets me thinking about what it means to be lucky. Are you lucky? Maybe not as…

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How Well Do You Know the [Christmas] Classics?

Here are some of my favorite quotes from some of my favorite classic Christmas movies. Print this out, sit down with your family, and see who can match the most quotes to the…

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Take the “Jump off the Cliff” Challenge

Making your dreams a reality requires “jumping off the cliff,” which means going for something even before you feel totally prepared or comfortable. The best way to become a marathon runner is to…

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Rewriting Traditions

Every family has traditions. There’s the traditional green bean casserole, the traditional trip to the holiday trains, or the traditional snow ball fight. What we often don’t think about is that someone had…

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Why Aren’t You Working Your Dream Job?

I, Caroline (Curtis’s marketing manager), have once again taken over his blog to provide insight into the Millennial experience. Whether you’re a Millennial or not, I’m sure you have a Dream Job. If…

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Are You Going Viral?

The small things we do can have a huge effect. My friend James Percelay is a master of the viral phenomenon, and he has turned that skill into the successful viral video marketing…

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Don’t Die on a Tuesday

Everyone will have a best day, and everyone will have a worst day, but the majority of your life will be spent on what I call “just another Tuesday.” Many people spend their…

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