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When you Find Yourself in a New Stage of Life, Step into the Spotlight

You’re in a new situation, and you feel like life as you knew it has given way to a dark empty stage of unknowns, and an audience is waiting with bated breath to…

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Your Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal, and the Decisions You Make Today Matter.

Your life is a live performance, and the small decisions you make every day have an irreversible effect on the trajectory of your life. I’m not talking about reckless decisions that have obvious,…

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You Can’t Get Where You Want to Go If You Keep Demonstrating What You Already Know

Some people get to a passable level of performance and think that they’ve “arrived.” Other people think that once they get to a certain level, they’ll feel like they’ve arrived, but even once…

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Yes, You Have Permission To Cut the Crazymakers Out of Your Life

You could have the most successful career, the most beautiful home, the best clothes and even endless passion for what you do—but here’s a newsflash: If you don’t have good people in your…

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Are Material Things Sabotaging Your Success?

What is determining your success? While the script in your head (what you believe about yourself) and acting with passion (what you do about what you believe about yourself) are the two most…

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This One Quality Determines Success More Than Natural Talent

Talent is a total myth. Study after study has shown that aside from literal physical advantages that one person’s height and weight may have over another in a sport, practice—not inborn talent—leads to…

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Do You Need to Write a New Script For Your Life?

There is an invisible force at work controlling every decision you make. It determined the job that you have, the relationships that you’re in, where you live, and what you think about. It…

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Why I’m Really Not Kidding When I Say that I’m Living the Dream

I am well aware that when most people say that they’re “living the dream,” they’re saying it sarcastically. They say it when someone asks how they’re doing and they’re working a job they…

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