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Bad Brand Reputation? 7 Ways to Turn a Booing Crowd into Raving Fans

Need to reverse a bad brand reputation—and fast? Read on for the hottest tips in the industry. I once was next to Vanilla Ice at a booth at a National Association for Campus…

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How to Reverse Your Employee Turnover Rate and Eliminate Front-Line Frustration

Employee turnover rate is an increasing issue in today’s economy, especially for corporations that rely on front-line employees to interface with customers. Here’s how to reverse turnover rates and connect all levels of…

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Curiosity Advertising Knows That If They’re Not Having Fun, They’re Doing it Wrong

“If we’re not having fun, we’re doing it wrong,” he told me as we passed by the bobbleheads of his team members. Five minutes after I met Matt Fischer, I knew I had…

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Want Better Office Culture? Have More Fun and Shorter Meetings.

Trying to create better office culture? On episode #21 of The Next 24 Hours, you’ll hear practical ways to do just that. Does your workplace ever feel divided between teams or dead in…

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Why Generosity in the Workplace Has the Power to Change Lives

How do we keep people in our lives? How do we create a culture of generosity in the workplace, people who love being around us, and who love working for our companies? With…

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This is Why Your Office Feels Lifeless (And How to Fix It)

Does your office feel lifeless? While I’m all for making changes to create the life you want to be living, I believe that powerful changes can happen within office cultures to make work…

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The 6 Questions that Lead to a Multi-Million Dollar Business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? I’m talking your logo on people’s shirts, super bowl commercials, raving fans, engaged employees and record-breaking revenue—quarter after quarter. But before you…

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