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The Key to Making Your Life Better in a Year Than It Is Now

Let me guess: You want your life to be better in a year than it is now. You want to be growing in your career. You want to achieve the goals that you’ve…

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Stop Working for the Weekend, and Start Living Your Life.

Working for the weekend? You owe it to yourself to enjoy your work. Here are the new mindset shifts you need to get there. There’s a popular song from the 1980s called “Working…

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I’m an Inspirational Speaker, and I Don’t Believe in Self-Help.

While self-help may be a good starting place for personal growth, it’s a terrible destination. Here’s why.  As an inspirational speaker and best-selling author, I’ve often been categorized in the genre “self-help.”  And…

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You Can’t Get Where You Want to Go If You Keep Demonstrating What You Already Know

Some people get to a passable level of performance and think that they’ve “arrived.” Other people think that once they get to a certain level, they’ll feel like they’ve arrived, but even once…

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Forget the Corporate Ladder: It’s Time to Put You First in Your Career.

When it comes to navigating your career, it’s almost never a straight climb up the corporate ladder. There are always hard decisions to make, goals to reconsider and challenges to overcome.  Maybe you…

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How to Get a Great Recommendation that Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd

If you want to move forward in your career, in your educational journey, or with your business, there is one thing that will propel you forward more than all the rest—and it’s not…

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7 Ways To Become A Valuable Employee In An Ever-Changing Workplace

Wondering how to become a valuable employee—the kind who is top of mind when promotions come up and who survives major staff cuts? It all boils down to your relationship with change. Whatever…

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Leadership Life Hack

You may have heard of–or attended–a business training retreat or conference. These can be incredibly useful to learn more about the current business world, new developments in technology or social media and becoming…

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