Beyond the Keynote Case Studies


No one is happy when their power is out or when the electric company chops down their beloved oak trees, especially when there’s not empathy on the other end of the customer service line. Duke was ready to make their customers feel radically cared for, putting customers’ needs over their standard procedures. But first, they had to unify their teams and start a chain reaction of employee empowerment—all the way from C-Suite executives to boots-on-the-ground line repairers.


The Living the Dream Team worked with leaders at Duke Energy to create a 90-day reinforcement campaign that drove the objectives of customer care and employee empowerment. It included video messages from Curtis and follow-up communication, culminating in a live conference call with Curtis and Duke executives.

“The energy you displayed and transferred to the team will launch us to better education and better customer service.”

-Harry Sideris, President at Duke Energy Florida



As an inventory management company heading into their busiest time of the year, RGIS wanted to unify seasonal employees and create a positive and safe work environment. (Not falling off a ladder is as important as counting items correctly.) To accomplish that, they engaged Curtis and his sustainment messaging to empower teams, build in safety reminders and boost morale.


For three months, The Living the Dream Team provided RGIS with a custom reinforcement program built around inspirational video messages. Some of these messages refreshed the content from the Life At Performance Level® keynote, and others were customized to align with company objectives.  We also had weekly calls with key constituents, provided the tools for leaders to facilitate discussion with teams and sent blogs from Curtis as a secondary level of learning and inspiration.



“This was the first time we attempted to keep the lessons we learned alive and fresh in everyone’s minds. The key to the videos was the customized approach. It made you a part of the team.”

-RGIS employee



Change is the new normal. When Pete Carr, Bacardi’s new North America’s President came to the company, he was brought in to expand Bacardi’s market share due to challenges they had been facing in the wine and spirits industry. It was a time of intense transition and restructuring for everyone. (Yes, even rum distributors have tough days.) Pete’s mission was to create momentum in sales by developing distinct company values where employees felt cared for and valued—not just professionally, but personally, too.


As a sought-after speaker in The Wine & Spirits industry, Curtis was the natural choice to ignite Pete’s inaugural year as president and empower the people of Bacardi in the midst of change. The Living the Dream Team collaborated with Pete to create monthly newsletters, video blogs and keynote clips to reinforce their new objectives and raise a glass to Bacardi’s future success.



“I’ve seen personal reward come out of Curtis’ messaging on a regular basis. When we make our employees better people or a better brand, we’re going to have a kick-ass company.”

-Pete Carr, Regional President, North America, Bacardi

“It was really important to us to get somebody to send our message the right way in regards to communication, clarity and managing the change curve. Curtis’ messaging was right on-par for where we are trying to get to—and the new scripts we’re writing.”

-Ryan Bibbo, Head of HR, Americas, Bacardi


Southern and Glazer’s were both wine and spirits distributors with completely different company cultures and values. That was all fine and good—until they merged. (Think mixing Grey Goose and red wine.) Their differences clashed, and they needed to align their objectives and mission. And they doubled in size overnight—talk about instant stretch marks! As an industry that doesn’t historically invest in their people, they were ready to break the mold and show their employees that they cared about their personal and professional development. This move would recruit and retain the best talent in the industry and streamline company culture—but only if they had a unifying force.


The Living the Dream Team was that force. In collaboration with SGWS executives, we designed a year-long campaign to fully integrate the inspiration of Curtis’ keynote with the rigor of Southern Glazer’s new corporate goals. How’d we do it? Because we know that retention happens in the synthesis of physical and digital experiences, we created tangible office reminders for their headquarters, facilitated executive development workshops and designed monthly digital learning experiences to reinforce Life at Performance Level content. These experiences included both custom video messages and beautifully designed quizzes and surveys to reinforce positivity and gather valuable employee data.



“The keynote message that Curtis delivers along with the sustainment program has clearly changed people’s attitudes and behaviors in the workplace.”

-Cory Cooper, Vice President of Human Resources, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits


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